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About Milly

A versatile young professional with a flair for a multifunctional, narrative, storytelling design style. . Milly first discovered her love for jewellery fabrication whilst travelling, particularly while in India where she attended her first silver smithing course. The course opened her eyes to a whole new world of interest and love which grew into a unique and compelling passion for jewellery designer Milly Maunder 
Milly is a Jeweller and Gemologist from Devon who graduated from the world renowned GIA. She has since set up her own business where she creates individually hand made pieces of Jewellery using the age old technique of granulation to create unique and timeless pieces for any occasion.
Her inspiration is drawn mainly from experimenting with different metals and pushing them to their limits to create unusual textures or forms. She likes to maintain wearability in her designs but offer something unique and special to the individual.