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Re-Imagined, two Gold wedding bands to three heirloom rings | Yellow gold

Repurposing family heirlooms 🌳

Scroll down to see the process of updating these two lovely wedding bands, no longer worn, into three rings for a mother and her 2 daughters 💕

1. I firstly cut the larger ring in two so I had three bands,
2. Then rolled them and reshaped the wires to suit the style of ring the ladies wanted
3. This work hardens the metal alot, so I annealed the metal throughout to stop the gold getting too brittle
4. The wires were the shaped, soldered and tidied up ready for granulation 😃
5. Scrap pieces of metal from the wires were rolled out to 1mm for the granules and some of the cut spirals also were used to create the little bubbles that were then fused on to create two wishbone rings and one straight band

Two heirloom rings, into three updated heirloom rings, I love that the history goes on in these new designs with all the sentimental value still there, just tweaked the style for a more contemporary look.




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Milly Maunder Designs | Re-Imagined