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Permanent Jewellery

Our Chains

We have four gorgeous styles of chains for you to choose from, each adding a delicate touch to your wrist stack. Available in Sterling Silver & Solid Gold.


Frequently asked questions

Please email or use our contact form via our website to book your appointment.

We will not be accepting walk-ins so please be sure to book.

Yes! Our welding machines are operated by expert jewellers and safety equipment is provided at appointments

Solid Gold is not magnetic so it won't set off alarms in airports.

Yes! Anyone under the age of 16 needs to be accompanied by an adult.

No! Due to these being personal to the individual, we will not accept refunds.

Solid gold isn't magnetic so it won't impact MRI scans and you wouldn't need to take it off. However, on the occasion that it is requested by medical professional to remove your welded bracelet for an MRI, simply cut the chain and you can bring this back to us in the studio and we will re-weld this for you.

No! The welding voucher can only be redeemed on a permanent bracelet.

We offer separate gift vouchers can be used on all other products sitewide. A normal gift voucher can also be used towards a welded bracelet.

Should you need to remove it, you can cut it off with a pair of pliers.

Yes! If you wish to upgrade to a more expensive chain you can. Just use the voucher you have been given and then pay the difference.