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Recycle your gift boxes



We are very excited to launch our new loyalty and recycling scheme and I know lots of you are too. 

We want to give our boxes the longest life possible and appreciate that once your new jewels have been delivered, the boxes have fulfilled their purpose and may not be needed anymore. Whether you have a jewellery box, or you just never take your jewellery off so don't require the box we believe there is a lot of life left in them.

In order to do so, we have launched our new loyalty scheme where you can post your boxes back to us (minimum of 3 boxes at a time) and we will in turn, issue you a voucher to spend on your next order. 

  • The Boxes must be in great condition.
  • There is a minimum return of 3 boxes - this makes the scheme worth while for you and us and helps reward our very loyal customers.
  • You can also return your boxes in person, please email to arrange a time.
  • 3 Boxes = £4.50, for every additional box you will receive + £1 
  • We do not offer a return label for the boxes, or do we take responsibility for the arrival of them to the studio. We have added £1.50 to the initial 3 box return to help cover costs of return. 
  • You must include the form with your boxes in order to receive the discount voucher. 
  • The voucher will only be valid for 1 year and for the email address provided on the form completed by you. 

If you have any questions, queries, ideas we are all ears and are always open to hearing your new ideas or ways we could do better. 

Thank you all