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Diamond Wedding Anniversary Ring

Diamond Wedding Anniversary Ring

A very special commission for a diamond wedding anniversary ❤️

This was a very sentimental ring to design and make for my grandparents wedding anniversary to celebrate 60 years of marriage.
The centre stone is a GIA certified diamond, which is where I studied and graduated as a gemologist and jeweller. Set amongst my signature granulation to make it personal and unique.

Designing this ring along side my grandfather means so much to me and a memory I will always cherish. He helped make my first jewellers bench that I still use today, and I made the ring he gave his wife, my grandmother, on their diamond wedding anniversary.

Jewellery for me has always been about creating something that is part of a story and creating an heirloom, something you will cherish forever and a reminder of the good times. As I handed over the ring to my Nana, my grandfather took it from me and said 'Allow me, as I did on our wedding day' A true gentleman who adores my Nana and celebrates their marriage daily. We have learnt so much from them.

To my very special grandparents, we love you so much and thank you for asking me to create something so special. Your relationship is something we all admire and can only aspire to be like.


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