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Studio set up and DIY jewellers Desk

Studio set up and DIY jewellers Desk

Building your own bench is a sure way to make sure you get everything you need from your set up without spending a small fortune on (in my opinion) a less sturdy 'off the shelf' commercial desk. 
For me, I needed to optimise storage as my studio is shared office, gym space at our home too so It needed to be neat and tidy. I wanted something sturdy and hard wearing as well as practical and using the best of the space available. 

Work Bench cost : £195.14


What do you need?


Step 1 

  • Assemble your Ikea drawers as per instructions - paying specific attention to the order of the drawers and which is the top and which is the bottom .. I did not do this and had to dismantle and start again! Leave out the last step of adding wheels or legs.
  • Using the strong wood glue, spread generously along wooden legs (if using, we grabbed these from the scrap/free box at BnQ) and use something heavy to hold in place to dry. As Edd has turned half the studio into a gym we had some spare weights around. 


  • Once dry - (Best to leave over night) - it is time to arrange and lay out your planks of wood for the work surface. 


  • Drill 1x wood screw per corner of each plank. 8 in total. Using a piece of string, a pencil and a pin you can draw a semi circle in your wood. Ideally you want to keep this less than the depth of one of the planks of wood to maintain strength. So cut your string to approx 25cm and either pin or hold one end to the edge and draw round to create a semi circle. 


  • Cut this out using a hand saw or jigsaw and sand the inside to smooth out and remove any splinters/rough wood. 
  • I used Danish oil to treat the soft wood. I wanted a darker finish and to protect the wood from staining over time. It took about 3 coats to achieve this colour. 


  • It really is as simple as that - tonnes of storage, easy to make and can be tailored to any space. You can lengthen or shorten the set up as you wish... just allow enough space in the middle for your D shape. 
  • I had all my wood cut to length at BnQ to save time and for increase accuracy and straight lines. 
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